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  • Browse our tips pages to get info and inspiration for planning a new house layout or house extension.
  • Check out our Interior Planning Tips to get recommended guidelines for standard circulation space in many everyday situations in the home.
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Interior Designers: Find the answers to many common issues in Home Planning. From planning details to standard sizes and dimensions. 

Circulation Space Guide: Figure out if there is enough circulation space for a room to flow properly before it is too late. 

Standard Dimensions: Check the sizes of standard household appliances, furniture, and building elements like standard door sizes, stair sizes and types.

Disability Design: Check that your design will have adequate provision for disabled access and usage.

Creating a Scale Plan: Read about the different ways of creating scale plans, from computer software to pencil and paper and of course our own magnetic design kits.

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2D Home Design Kits2D Home Design Kits
Furniture Templates for Interior Designers Room Plans
3D Architects Models3D Architects Models
3D Architects Model House Set

3D Scale Furniture Pack3D Scale Furniture Pack
Full set of 3D Scale Furniture Pieces to bring your scale house model to life. See your house plans in 3D with magnetic furniture pieces at 1:50 scale.