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3D Scale Furniture pack to furnish Architects Model

3D Scale Furniture Pack

Included in the pack are all the pieces you need to furnish your 1:50 scale house including:

  • Livingroom
  • Kitchen
  • Diningroom 
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
Each piece is magnetic and works perfectly with any of our 3D Architects Kits. 

Scale Furniture Pack Contents:
Livingroom (12 livingroom scale furniture pieces)
10 x modulor sofa pieces (4 end pieces, 4 mid sofa sections, 2 corner joiner pieces)
2 coffee tables
Kitchen (12 kitchen units)
2 x sink units
3 x fridges (under counter fridge, fridge freezer regular, fridge freezer large)
2 x cookers (4 hob cooker, 5 hob cooker)
2 x 600mm kitchen units
1 x 300mm wine rack
1 x washing machine
1 x dish washer
Diningroom (12 scale furniture items)
4 different table types (round, square, rectangular, oval)
8 dining chairs
Bedroom (12 furniture pieces) 
2 x double beds
2 x single beds
2 x small wardrobes
2 x regular wardrobes
4 x bedside lockers
Bathroom (12 bathroom units)
2 x bath tubs
2 x shower trays
4 x toilets
4 x sinks

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