Recommended Circulation Guidelines:

The modelrooms kit includes people which are designed to help you get the right circulation space between objects. They each represent 600mm (2 feet) diameter

In most situations a circulation space of between 600 and 700mm is recommended per person, this represents a comfortable personal space.

Remember that this means that between two kitchen counters or a kitchen island unit and a counter to leave at least 1200mm, or enough room for two people to comfortably fit.

The figure of 600mm should be increased where you need to access something like a wardrobe door or to open drawers. Corridor space should be 900mm (min).

How to use the Modelrooms Circulation Indicators.

Wheelchair Accessability:

The modelrooms Wheelchair is designed to help you get the right turning circle space for a wheelchair.It represents 1500mm (5 feet)diameter and is included in our Room Planner set.

Corridor space of 900mm is sufficient for a wheelchair user in the home as long as there is provision where necessary for a  turning circle. For commercial spaces this needs to be larger to allow for two wheelchairs to pass each other out!

Standard wheelchair users need a min. of 1500mm diameter of space to turn around comfortably, as illustrated by our turning circle.

Motorised wheelchairs or larger wheelchairs need up to 1700mm of a turning circle.

The recommended gradient for a wheelchair ramp is 1:12 for shorter ramps (up to 5m) or 1:15 for longer ramps (up to 10m).

A ramp of 1:12 simply means that the ramp is 12 times as long as it is high. So you would take the height of the step to ramp up to, and multiply by 12 to see how long the ramp needs to be. If the length is greater than 5m you should change to 1:15 and make the slope even gentler. Alternatively you could put a break (flat landing) in the middle to achieve two shorter ramps. The flat landing should be 1500mm min.

A ramp of 1:15 simply means that the ramp is 15 times as long as it is high.