Kitchen Planning Issues:

Functionality of the kitchen:

One of the most common complaints in modern kitchens is lack of counter space, so try and get as much counter space as possible. Allow enough counter space to facilitate normal use such as food preparation, stacking dirty dishes, even somewhere to place the shopping bags while unpacking. These things may seem small at the planning stage but they are the sum total of a great kitchen design.

Storage in your kitchen:

Think about storage in a logical fashion. Key things to watch out for are making sure there is room for pots and pans near the cooker, storage for dishes and cutlery near the dishwasher and food preparation area.

Kitchen Plumbing:

Check the plumbing implications of moving a sink, dishwasher, or washing machine. It is usually easier to leave the sink in the same place and simply fit a new one, but weigh up the advantages of a different location against the cost implications.

Kitchen Triangle

Circulation Space:

In most situations a circulation space of between 600mm (2 feet) and 700mm is recommended per person which represents a comfortable personal space. Remember that this means that between two kitchen counters or a kitchen island unit and a counter to leave at least 1200mm or enough room for two people to comfortably fit.

Kitchen Work triangle:

When designing a kitchen one of the key success factors is how you position the cooker, fridge and sink. This is called creating the work triangle and getting these units as close together as possible to each other will make your kitchen more user friendly. In recent years many people try to include the dishwasher nearby these too since it makes sense. Where do you normally keep the dishwasher powder? - under the sink!

Ideally, the cooker and fridge should not be placed next to each other as the heat transferred between the two will make them work harder and so use more energy. This is less of a problem with some machines than others so if you are tight on space and have to put them together then check the specs before you buy. Alternatively try and squeeze a small unit between them. Keep the work triangle away from busy doorways.


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