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Kitchen Planning Furniture Templates

Kitchen Design Kit

 Kitchen Design Kit

When all you want is to redesign your kitchen nad get the perfect kitchen plan.

This kit is the same size as the larger scale Home Design Kit but comes complete with one base board (7m x 10m) and a set of magnetic kitchen furniture templates and a selection of walls, windows, doors and radiators. Works out of the box to start planning the perfect kitchen in minutes, try out lots of different layouts and be sure you have the best one before you get the builders in.

Kitchen Planning Kit includes:

  • Baseboard (metalic)to create your kitchen plan on (7m x 10m or 24feet x 34feet)
  • Walls, windows, Doors and radiators (all magnetic)
  • Scale Rules (one in metres and one to convert to feet)
  • Stair pieces
  • Title block to label up photocopies of your kitchen plan
  • Kitchen furniture Templates
  • Diningroom Furniture templates
  • Inspiration cards with tips and advice for good space planning


1:33 (1 metre is represented by 30mm) but dont worry if you are not familiar with scales - we have done all the scaling so it is not necessary to have any prior knowledge of scales...we guarantee it. 

Please note if you are purchasing the Home Design kit or Interior Designers Kit all of the above are included - no need to buy this kit

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