The Perfect Bathroom:

It might be one of the smallest rooms in the house, but in recent years the bathroom has grown in importance, both for resale and just as a room to make the best of your home. While it may not get used as much as the kitchen or living room, it is worth a little effort to get it right.

Main Function of your Bathroom:

The first step is to decide the function of the room. Do you want a relaxing space to spend time soaking in a luxurious bath? Is the bathroom in question in a rented property? Is it an en – suite used only by two people or the main family bathroom? These questions should help to determine a suitable budget. There is no point getting carried away with a rental property bathroom unless the property is capable of achieving a premium rent.
Budget for your new Bathroom:
Next, decide on the level of commitment you have to the project. While the bathroom is typically the smallest room in the house it is rarely the simplest to remodel. Often changing the bathroom can involve a plumber, electrician, builder, plasterer, and tiler! If you are not prepared to take on a large project then leaving the units in the same place and simply replacing them with new ones will be easier than changing the layout of the room. There is little point in spending money on beautiful units and fixtures if the basic plan does not work well. Consider how the room is used and be sure you have left adequate room for everything, including good circulation space.
If the units are fine, then a makeover couldn’t be simpler. Start with the storage, as clutter is one of the biggest complaints from people about their bathrooms. The bathroom has to house quite a long list of essentials: towels, bathmat, toilet roll, shampoos, soaps and toiletries, shaving items and more besides. See out Space Planner Book for a bathroom checklist to see if you have thought of everything. If you don’t have a place for everything then investing in a good storage unit will keep the room looking its best.

Finishing Touches:

The great thing about the bathroom is if you have a neutral colour scheme to begin with then you can dramatically change the room with a new set of towels. Add a few matching candles, and accessories to pull it all together.
Whether intended for personal use or investment, having a great bathroom will add value to any property.