Getting the perfect layout for your rooms:

Before going out and buying furniture for your new home it is a good idea to take some time to plan the layout of the space. A well designed room rarely comes about without a bit of planning, no matter how simple the end result may appear.

Room Plannig:

Many people skip over the planning stage when going out to get new furniture, as it seems a bit technical or daunting. The truth is a basic plan need not be too complex. Start with the dimensions and draw a scale plan or use a computer package or one of our magnetic design kits to do this. See our Interior Planning Tips for guidelines on standard sizes. 

Function of your Rooms:Spaces:

When you have the windows and doors marked, start looking at the function of each room. This may seem obvious at first but some rooms have more than one function and this is the time to list what these are, in order of priority. For instance a living room may act as the spare room when guests arrive, or the spare bedroom may be the home office when idle.

Multi Functioning Space in the Room:

Be realistic about the priorities.Where main rooms have to serve several functions, a folding screen could be a good idea. This gives a degree of privacy to your guests, when you get up early for coffee. If the space does not allow for a screen, at least try and position the sofa bed so that there is some sense of privacy. Keep the sofa away from the main access and at the opposite end from the dining or kitchen areas. A few plants could help to screen the area.

Circulation Space:

The key to perfectly planned rooms is good circulation space. As a general rule of thumb 600mm (2ft) is the minimum space to allow per person to move about comfortably. Look at your plan and imagine typical scenarios. Where doors or drawers have to be opened, allow a little extra space for them. If the sofa you fell in love with seems too big on plan, try it elsewhere in the room and be prepared to change for a more suitable size if necessary. No matter how much you love a piece of furniture you will quickly fall out of love when you keep banging your shins off it! Remember also that a piece of furniture that is too small for a room will never look right.  See our Circulation Space guidelines page for more on this.

Shopping for Furniture:

Finally don’t forget to pop a copy of your plan in your bag and bring it along to the furniture shops with your tape measure. Remember too, you have to get the pieces into the house or apartment so check the access is big enough.