Making the most of a smaller property:

Living in a small space, should not be a problem if you follow a few golden rules to get the best out of your space.Small Kitchen Layout

Plans for Small Spaces:

The first thing to do is to plan the area. Ideally all the rooms in the house or apartment should be planned together as they will impact on each other. Decide the function of each room and what the storage needs of each area are. Make lists first and check with your plans that you can fit every item on each rooms list. It might seem tedious but is a lot less stress than trying to make the actual items fit in where there isn,t enough room later!

Furniture for smaller rooms:

Try and resist the temptation to go out and buy furniture items on impulse as often an ill fitting piece of furniture will take up more space than appears in the shop. The result of oversized furniture in a small space is to make it look even smaller. Furniture should be as neat as possible. Try to think not about whether the furniture fits, but what is left in the room after it does. The space left after the furniture goes in place is what will determine how roomy it feels. You can check this with the circulation space indicators in the modelrooms kits.

Multi Functioning Furniture

Use as many multi functioning pieces as possible. For instance a sofa that not only converts to a bed but also can hold the bedding in it. If your kitchen is small some people use the bathroom to house the washing machine. This works particularly well if there is enough space to separate it slightly from the bathroom units. The added expense of getting storage shelves and wardrobes made to fit is well worth it if there is a real lack of storage.  They almost always make better use of space than freestanding furnishing. 

Minimal Living

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to make extra space in the home is to have a good clearout. If things are already pared down to the minimum and you simply couldn’t part with anything then have one dedicated clutter free zone. Choose the room you spend most time in and decide to keep it free of any unnecessary items. Even if this is at the cost of losing space in the other rooms, it will mean that most of the time you enjoy a spacious room.

Colours for Small Spaces:

Finally the décor of the rooms will add to the feeling of spaciousness. Generally the darker the colours the heavier and more closed a room will feel. Lighter colour schemes will increase the feeling of airiness.